Executive MBA Induction in Kyiv
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27 November 2013

Executive MBA Induction in Kyiv

The Induction for our Executive MBA programme in Kyiv took place on 21-22 November 2013 in House of Pashkov for students of Cohort 21.


Dr. Leslie Szamosi, Academic Director of the programme and Dr. Nikos Dimitriadis, Lecturer at the programme, welcomed all students and led the induction sessions focusing on the main attributes and structure of the programme. Also, our MBA alumna, Ms. Irina Rubis, Director of Ekonomika Communication Hub, delivered a very inspirational talk sharing her MBA experience with new students noting all skills and knowledge that she gained during her MBA studies and how much the programme helped her in her career.


The Induction has been designed to provide a gateway to the MBA programme and prepare students for their studies. The MBA Induction in Kyiv was followed by the first weekend of classes during which students attended the first unit on the MBA course on 'Developing Market Presence'.
Like previous years, middle and top management managers and professionals from different industry sectors, primarily from Ukraine, are attending the programme that successfully runs in Kyiv since 2010.

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