Two more students will run the Marathon
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece
27 March 2014

Two more students will run the Marathon

Two more students dare to run the 42km of the 9th International Alexander the Great Marathon! Stelios Karatzas and Haris Liampas run for the first time this distance, they are not professional long-distance runners, therefore their attempt is highly appreciated and valued! Stelios and Haris registered their participation through, the non profit philanthropic organization.

Haris Liampas

Haris Liampas is from Kozani, on his 3rd year at the BSc in Psychology. He tests his limits through running, every time trying to run further and further since each extra mile helps him to uncover parts of himself and his place in the universe. It's his first attempt to cover the full distance of a marathon!


Stelios Karatzas

Stelios Karatzas is Greek-Canadian currently studying the MA in Marketing, Advertising and PR programme. He never ran a marathon and says that he things it is going to be fun!


We wish them much strength and stamina! Go Stelios and Haris! You have our full support!

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