Big Congratulations to our students for crossing the 42km Marathon's finish line!
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece
07 April 2014

Big Congratulations to our students for crossing the 42km Marathon's finish line!

Nikolaos Mantsios, Haris Liampas and Stelios Karatzas completed yesterday the 9th International Marathon “Alexander the Great”. They all raced the marathon for the first time. Stelios completed the race in 4 hours 3 minutes while Nikos and Haris have run it side by side in 5 hours 8 minutes. Anybody who deals with sports and long distance races knows that the marathon is one of the most challenging sports.

Stelios mentioned modestly that the race was not so difficult as everybody says about the 42km as he regularly runs for training 10-15 km. His decision to run the marathon was made recently and crossing the line made him feel proud of himself for achieving one more challenging goal.

Haris says : “I dedicate this Μarathon race to Nikolaos Mantios with whom I was with at the whole duration of the race and we crossed the finish line side by side, I believe that if he was not with me in the whole distance I would not have made it. Also I devote this race to my friends and family that waited for me in the finish line to offer me help, and to all those that believed in me and sent me positive energy.”

Nikos was more laconic after a brief conversation we had with him. He said “My goal was to complete this race, l might never run it again but the feeling of finishing this race was enough, plus fulfilling a goal l had since two years ago made me feel proud of myself.” Here we have to mention that Nikos injured his knee during the race therefore he continued to the finish line. We wish him a fast recovering and lots of strength to achieve his future targets.

Once again congratulations to the three of them. We are all very proud of you and we wish you from our hearts to continue running both for your personal body and spiritual balance and for any other cause that satisfies you.

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