Our Psychology graduates can apply for registration to the HCPC and officially receive the title of Practitioner Psychologist
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece
06 September 2013

Our Psychology graduates can apply for registration to the HCPC and officially receive the title of Practitioner Psychologist

Further to the legislation of Acts passed in October 2012 in Greece our psychology graduates are now eligible to recognise their degrees as well as  gain professional rights and work officially with the regulated title of ‘Psychologist’ in Greece.

All our Bachelor alumni from the Psychology Department have eligibility to be licensed as ‘psychologists’, if they have extended their training at postgraduate level and/or have acquired further practical experience that can be documented, and, thus, to make use of the title 'psychologist' in Greece by first applying to the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC), the British regulating organisation. Applicants that meet HCPC’s requirements and succeed in becoming registered ‘Practitioner Counselling Psychologists’ may then proceed to transfer their professional rights to Greece and acquire their license.

HCPC is a regulating organisation in the UK set up to protect the public. The Council keeps a register of health and care professionals who meet high standards for their training, professional skills, behaviour and health.

Any graduate that becomes registered practitioner psychologist by HCPC be eligible to work and practice the profession of psychologist and legally use the protected title of ‘practitioner psychologist’ in the UK and in Greece (or any other European country). He/she will have the same employment rights as holders of Greek public university degrees.

Ms Athanasia Halatzouka
Ms. Athanasia Halatzouka

We are proud to report the first case of a graduate of the University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College, Ms. Athanasia Halatzouka, who became a registered ‘Practitioner Counselling Psychologist’ by HCPC after her successful application and is currently in the process to recognise her degree in Greece to officially acquire the professional title of ‘psychologist’. Athanasia completed the BSc in Psychology at the International Faculty, CITY College and furthered her knowledge by specialising in counselling psychology with the MSc in Counselling Psychology course offered by our Psychology Department, graduating in 2006. For the last three years she has her own office and works as ‘mental health professional’ in Thessaloniki practicing systemic psychotherapy and counselling. She also works at our research centre, SEERC.

We believe this is a very important development for our psychology graduates and we encourage them to follow the required procedures in order to recognise their degrees and become licensed ‘psychologists’ in Greece. For further information graduates may contact Academic Director of Postgraduate Studies in our Psychology Department at ssavvidou@citycollege.sheffield.eu or at 2310-224421, 224521 or Mr. Evaggelos Ergen, Head of Administration at ergen@citycollege.sheffield.eu or at 2310 275575, 224186.


Example of HCPC Certificate

Example of HCPC Certificate

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