Psychology students contribute chapters to Dr. Kalyva’s new book
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece
23 September 2013

Psychology students contribute chapters to Dr. Kalyva’s new book

Dr Kalyva - Social Anxiety
Social Anxiety
by Dr. Efrosini Kalyva

We are proud of the recent academic achievement of two groups of undergraduate students from our Psychology Department who contributed two chapters to Dr. Frosso Kalyva's newly published book entitled "Social Anxiety: Perceptions, emotional and triggering symptoms and treatment."

Congratulations are in order for our 2nd level students Miltiadis Stefanidis, Charilaos Liampas, Fotis Katimertzopoulos, Vlad Dediu, Christina Zhintro, Victoria Georgieva and Alexander Ilievski who wrote the eighth chapter of the book entitled 'Social Anxiety and HIV/AIDS: Psychological Well-Being and Intervention Effectiveness' and for 3rd level students Stavros Simitsis, Klearchos Konstantinos Stamatoulakis, Valeria Strigkou, Kyriaki Avramidou, Nikolaos Drouboulas- Theodoridis and Pagona Papadimitriou who contributed the tenth chapter of the book on 'Social Anxiety Disorder: The Role of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy'.

The book is composed of 10 chapters and discusses the phenomenon of social anxiety presenting new research on the ways of assessing it, as well as the role of autonomic arousal in the development of social phobia.

The students worked methodically under Dr. Kalyva's close supervision and produced remarkable quality of work. Through her new book Dr. Kalyva encouraged student synergy and presented her students with the opportunity to gain experience in writing and to publish their work.

The book is published by Nova Science Publishers and is also available on Amazon.


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