PhD Candidate and alumna wins the Champion’s Belt at The Tech Off during MADE17 Festival in Sheffield
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17 November 2017

PhD Candidate and alumna wins the Champion’s Belt at The Tech Off during MADE17 Festival in Sheffield

Ms Tanja Kuzman, PhD Candidate and alumna wins the Champion’s Belt at The Tech Off during MADE17 Festival in Sheffield

Congratulations to Ms Tanja Kuzman, alumna of the International Faculty CITY College and PhD Candidate at our research centre, SEERC, on winning the Champion’s belt at The Tech Off event that took place during MADE17 Entrepreneur Festival in Sheffield, UK! MADE is the UK’s premier business event for entrepreneurship and offers a brand new experience to educate, inspire and motivate early stage entrepreneurs and established business owners.

The Tech Off has been called “the love-child of TED talks and WWE” and it represents a battle of ideas about a predetermined tech related topic. Tanja was one of the five competitors who had strictly 5 minutes to present their ideas about "The Future of Work" and wow the crowd. The audience chose the winner, and Tanja got to take away the coveted ‘Belt of Tech’! This achievement has another dimension since the audience comprised of entrepreneurs, venture capital representatives, startups and experts. Tanja’s presentation was warmly cheered by the audience.

"I had an opportunity to participate at The Tech Off as part of MADE17 and I walked away as a winner with the champion's belt!", said Tanja

In her own words The Tech Off is an event that takes boundaries further away from anything expected and has no similarities with other tech events. "The crowd reacts to everything you say and each of the speakers is definitely taken out of their comfort zone. So it was a challenge and I just knew I have to do it!", Tanja explained.

This was the first time she spoke about the idea she has been developing for a while. "It was such a rewarding experience to share my thoughts on how technology will change the work as we know it and how a perfect digital personal assistant with an attitude looks like. But most importantly I had a chance to share my idea on how a combination of Artificial Intelligence, Voice and Holograms could change medicine. The win just confirmed that my idea has a potential to become something more than just an idea. Big thank you goes to other participants for a great battle of ideas and inspiration", said Tanja

Tanja's invitation to represent Campus Capital, a venture capital fund, at The Tech Off came from Daniel Kirby, Co-Founder and CEO of Techdept, and Samantha Deakin Hill, Co-founder of Campus Capital.

Tanja Kuzman is from Serbia and she graduated from the International Faculty CITY College with a Masters Degree with Distinction in Banking and Finance and a BA from the Faculty of Economics, Finance and Administration. In May 2014, she was proclaimed as one of the 100 Leaders of Tomorrow of the whole world at the St. Gallen Symposium of Leaders of Today and Leaders of Tomorrow.

Currently, Tanja is working on her PhD entitled "The effects of political interference on financial and economic performance of SOEs" and she is a student VC at Campus Capital.

The International Faculty CITY College warmly congratulates Tanja and takes pride in her achievement.

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