Interview with Laura Neagu, graduate of the MA in Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece
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15 March 2018

Interview with Laura Neagu, graduate of the MA in Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations

Interview with Laura Neagu, graduate of the MA in Marketing, Advertising & Public RelationsRead the interview with our graduate, Laura Neagu, who completed both her bachelors and masters studies at the International Faculty CITY College and today is working as Customer Journey Specialist in one of the largest energy companies in Romania, Engie.


Q: Why did you choose to study at the International Faculty, CITY College?

A: It all started with my wish to study abroad thinking ‘how cool it would be to study in a foreign country’. When I was a high school student I entered a competition organised by the University of Sheffield International Faculty CITY College and I was one of the lucky participants to get awarded a 50% scholarship. Thus, I completed my Bachelors studies (BA (Hons) in Business Studies – Accounting and Finance) at the International Faculty in Thessaloniki. It proved to be a great journey. It was so great that I decided to continue with my Masters studies at the University of Sheffield International Faculty, but in Bucharest this time.


Q: Why did you choose the specific programme of studies?

A: Back in 2012, I was planning to study business and specialise in management, but I then realised that having knowledge in finance was necessary in business. So I went for Finance. It was worth it and I really enjoyed the programme. However, during my Bachelors studies I realized that I would mostly fit in Marketing, so I ended up at the MA in Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations programme in Bucharest. I still believe that this combination was the best decision I have ever made.


Q: What did you appreciate the most about your studies at the International Faculty?

A: Certainly, the main thing I appreciated was the teaching experience, the “micro teaching”. When I started university I was predisposed by my older Romanian friends’ university experiences, thus, I was expecting a rather impersonal approach. Instead, what I found in Thessaloniki was a family, having your lecturers call you by your first name in the hall just to greet you or having small groups of students at class that allowed a great group dynamics, were simply amazing.


Q: What skills did you acquire and develop within the programme?

A: The academic environment encouraged the development of skills. I was taught how to become organised and results-oriented. Moreover, I realized that I could set goals and achieve them through hard work and dedication. Nevertheless, I have certainly acquired, or at least strengthened, soft skills such as interpersonal skills or the ability to acknowledge the importance of a sustainable environment. Regarding the last, I even had the opportunity to experience it through a project we run within the campus.

Moreover, the International Faculty was not just about studies and skills. It also helped me build lasting friendships and collect valuable memories.


Q: What is your current job?

A: I am currently working for one of the largest energy companies in Romania as a Customer Journey Specialist. I have just recently moved on this position, after about nine months as a Marketing Specialist. I expect to enjoy a journey full of challenges that will help me develop as a professional.


Q: How did your studies help you in your career?

A: Having a degree from the University of Sheffield helped me get my very first job, within the banking industry. Then, when I was close to complete my MA studies in marketing, the knowledge I gained coupled with the reputation of the university helped me finally obtain a job in marketing. I do believe that my knowledge is guaranteed by the degrees I hold, which are a passport for me.


Laura Neagu

BA (Hons) in Business Studies (Accounting & Finance)

MA in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations
Customer Journey Specialist, Engie Romania


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