Bulgarian alumna publishes book on 'Charity Communication'
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28 June 2018

Bulgarian alumna publishes book on 'Charity Communication'

Our alumna, Dr Evelina Christova, Professor at New Bulgarian University at the Mass Communications Department presented in Bulgaria her new book entitled ‘Charity Communication’, that was recently published. The book presents results of three research studies she conducted over the period 2012-2017.

Dr Evelina Christova

The book is mainly addressed to the Bulgarian scientific community but it could also be useful to professional communities. ‘Charity Communication’ discusses the processes of communicating to all parts in the charity process. It investigates the possibility of realisation of charity activities and how this can be done in the most effective way for all parties involved in the process.

Bulgarian alumna Dr Evelina Christova publishes book on ‘Charity Communication’

Dr Christova explained what are the positive trends in society, connected to charity: “The best thing is that young people show support and positive attitude towards charity – not only as donations of funds but also in volunteer work. I have studied 896 students across the country. I received a very positive feedback. There is a positive trend that the media devotes more attention to charity themes. Another positive trend is that businesses are increasingly developing their corporate social responsibility. Last but not least there is a tendency for our own branch of communication specialists to develop new professions in the industry related to this type of activities.” Dr Christova also went on to outline the negative perspectives as well: “The personal donations are under 10% so the number of people who donate funds is limited. Media often forces journalists to look for scandalous or negative news for the sake of ratings. They are also restricted in mentioning donors because they are brands or trademarks”.

Dr Evelina Christova is a graduate of the MA in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations programme. She is also member of the Committee of Professional Ethics of the Bulgarian Public Relations Society.

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