Business alumna launches low-cost digital marketing agency
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13 December 2018

Business alumna launches low-cost digital marketing agency

Anastasia Akimenko

Our business alumna, Anastasia Akimenko, has launched a new venture called True Digitalists (TD), a low-cost digital marketing agency aspiring to help businesses exceed their goals by delivering a range of customer-centered solutions at a low cost. Its mission is to transform the traditional agency-client relationships into an agile, transparent, and cost-effective approach to collaboration. Our alumnus, Gleb Kapusto, who has completed the MA in Digital Marketing and Social Media programme, is also engaged in the development of the venture. 

Anastasia says: “Apart from the traditional digital solutions, the company also provides free consultation for young specialists and students, concerning a career in digital marketing, which lately became very popular” and continues “The global spending on digital marketing has increased to approximately 100 billion this year. While media consumption habits are changing as well as companies' approach to reach the target audience online, one is thing is clear: the Internet won't vanish overnight”.  

TD provides a wide variety of solutions, including but not limited to search engine optimisation, website development, competitive benchmarking, opportunity analysis, and social media marketing.   

Anastasia completed the BA (Hons) in Business Studies (Marketing) last June. As she says her studies helped her put theory into practice in her new venture: “The last year of studies was the most interesting for me. I had the idea of a venture and, fortunately, all my subjects — to some extent — helped me to formulate it completely.”

The International Faculty wishes Anastasia best success in her venture.


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