Developing Market Presence
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece

Developing Market Presence

Brief Description

The main aim of this unit is to introduce the basic concepts of marketing, their interrelationships and their role in the organizational context. Students will become familiar with the main ideas and marketing concepts, including market research, product development, pricing, promotional and distribution strategies. Marketing activities apparently have not changed.  The environment however where marketing is practiced has changed considerably in the past two decades.  Fierce competition, very short product life cycles, global markets, internet and its applications, create a very challenging environment for today's enterprises, where marketing has become indispensable.


Topics Addressed

  • Marketing in a changing world.
  • The marketing environment.
  • New trends in marketing segmentation, targeting and positioning.
  • New concepts in consumer buying behavior.
  • Marketing’s role in product & service development.
  • Services marketing and the service experience.
  • Strategies and determination of price.
  • Integrated marketing communications.
  • Promotion management.
  • Product placement - The strategic new trend.


Expected outcomes

  • Critically handle a number of tools available to marketing managers.
  • Successfully implement the concepts that are involved in producing an effective marketing effort.
  • Analyze real life situations and provide solutions they may encounter.
  • Critically analyze, evaluate and use student’s own reasoning.
  • Synthesize the forces affecting the environment of a firm.
  • Critically assess factors affecting marketing decisions.


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