Corporate Finance and Management Accounting
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece

Corporate Finance and Management Accounting

Brief Description

This course examines the functions and the context of practical corporate financial management in the modern firm focusing on the significant developments in both theory and practice, discussing and analyzing the trends related to financial instruments and tools. The drivers, both external and internal, that shape corporate financial management are explored, and the managerial context is addressed. The course is designed to strengthen students’ theoretical knowledge on corporate finance aspects through rigorous application of theory to real world cases. The course will cover a wide area of issues in corporate finance such as valuation, investment and financing decisions process, capital budgeting decisions and risk management. Case studies from the professional practice of Corporate Financial Management along with professional material will allow a better understanding of the real life problems managers are facing today providing the necessary skills to overcome them.


Topics Addressed

  • Introduction to managerial finance, its role and environment and basic quantitative aspects.
  • Analysis of financial statements, development of ratios.
  • Capital budgeting and investment decisions.
  • Risk, Return and Investment choices.
  • Corporate finance and fundamentals of risk management.


Expected outcomes

  • Analyze financial statements to facilitate managerial decisions.
  • Evaluate the importance of risk factors in making investment decisions.
  • Interpret firm valuation and capital structure decisions.
  • Develop knowledge related to financial and investment decisions of firms.


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