Business Strategy - The art of creating competitive advantage
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece

Business Strategy - The art of creating competitive advantage

Brief Description

Unlike other business units that concentrate narrowly on a particular function of business – accounting, finance, marketing, production, human resources, or information systems - strategic management is a course that integrates all these functions. It cuts across the whole spectrum of business and management. The centre of attention is the total enterprise – the industry and competitive environment in which it operates its long-term direction and strategy, its resources and competitive capabilities and its prospects for success. Throughout the unit, the question addressed is “What must managers do, and do well, to make the company a winner in the game of business?”. The answer that emerges, and which becomes the theme of the course, is that good strategy making and good strategy execution are the key ingredients of company success and the most reliable signs of good management. The mission of the unit is to explore why good strategic management leads to good business performance, to present the basic concepts and tools of strategic analysis, and to inculcate the methods of crafting a well-conceived strategy and executing it competently.


Topics Addressed

  • Strategic Innovation for competitive advantage.
  • Identifying and evaluating opportunities for growth.
  • Resource analysis.
  • Business strategies for growth and development.
  • Corporate strategy.
  • Strategic alliances for differentiation or cost advantage.
  • Strategy implementation and change.


Expected outcomes

  • Develop a critical understanding of how different processes of business strategy development may be more or less suitable in different industry settings.
  • Develop an understanding of how to analyze the environment and identify opportunities.
  • Develop a critical understanding of the importance of resources and the reasons why some strategies are more difficult to imitate than others in order to sustain competitive advantage.
  • Develop a critical understanding of the strategies for global expansion including their associated application and their advantages/disadvantages.
  • Develop an understanding of the need for innovation in modern organizations and how it is encouraged and implemented.


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