2005 - Publications
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece

2005 - Publications

Computer Science Department

Bamidis, P., & Paraskakis, I. (2005). Crossing the Traditional Barriers in Medical Informatics Education: an Embedded Course in Computer Science Assessed via the Mini Project Approach. In Bamidis P., Bath P., Eaglestone B., & Sotiriadou A. (Eds.), Proceedings of iSHIMR 2005 – Improving the Quality of Health Information: An International Perspective. Thessaloniki, Greece: South-East European Research Centre (SEERC).

Dimopoulos, K. (2005). Nonlinear Control strategies Incorporating Input-State-Output Models. In Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Technology and Automation. Thessaloniki, Greece.

Dranidis, D., Eleftherakis, G., & Kefalas, P. (2005). Object-based Language for Generalised State Machines. AMCT, 1(3), 8–17.

Gheorghe, M., Stamatopoulou, I., Holcombe, M., & Kefalas, P. (2005). Modelling dynamically organised colonies of bio-entities. In J. - P. Banatre, P. Fradet, J. - L. Giavitto, & O. Michel (Eds.), Unconventional Programming Paradigms International Workshop (UPP'04), Revised Selected and Invited Papers (pp. 207–224). Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3566. Springer.

Hatziapostolou, T., & Paraskakis, I. (2005). Is Blended Education in Computer Science Used by the Students? In Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Multimedia and ICT in Education (m-ICTE 2005): Recent Research developments in Learning Technologies.

Jackson, D., Holcombe, M., Stamatopoulou, I., Sakellariou, I., Eleftherakis, G., Kefalas, P., et al. (2005). Modelling Self-Organisation in Ant Colonies. Presented at Special Session On Systems Self-Assembly at the 7th International Conference on Artificial Evolution (EA'05).

Kefalas, P., Eleftherakis, G., Holcombe, M., & Stamatopoulou, I. (2005). Formal Modelling of the Dynamic Behaviour of Biology- Inspired Agent-Based Systems. In M. Gheorghe (Ed.), Molecular Computational Models: Unconventional Approaches (pp. 243–276). Idea Publishing Inc.



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