2016 - Publications
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece

2016 - Publications

Psychology Department

Kalyva, E., Kyriazi, M., Vargiami, E., & Zafeiriou, D. I. (2016). A review of co-occurrence of autism spectrum disorder and Tourette syndrome. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders24, 39-51.

Kalyva, E., Eiser, C., & Papathanasiou, A. (2016). Health-related quality of life of children with asthma: self and parental perceptions. International journal of behavioral medicine23(6), 730-737.

Kalyva, E., Abdul-Rasoul, M., Kehl, D., Barkai, L., &Lukács, A. (2016). A cross-cultural study on perceived health-related quality of life in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus. Journal of diabetes and its complications30(3), 482-487.

Vivas, A. B., Marful, A., Panagiotidou, D., & Bajo, T. (2016). Instruction to forget lead to emotional devaluation. Cognition, 150, 85-91.

Esteban, L., Vivas, A. B., Fuentes, L. J., & Estévez, A. F. (2015). Spatial working memory is enhanced in children by differential outcomes. ScientificReports5.

Lupianez, J, Correa, A., Chica, A., Vivas, A.B., Callejas, A., Sanabria, D., & Botella, J. (2016).  Atencion (Attention).  In Mente & Cerebro (Mind&Brain), Eds B. Molina, L. Fuentes, J. Lupianez, & R. Cuerva.  Madrid: Alianza Editorial.  [Book Chapter]

Emmanouel, A., Boelen, D., Mouza, E., Allain, P., Kessels, R. P., &Fasotti, L. (2016). Script generation and executive dysfunction in patients with anterior and posterior brain lesions. Brain Impairment, 17(3), 193-208.



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