2014 - Publications
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Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece

2014 - Publications

Psychology Department

Soteriades, E. S., & Lazuras, L. (2014). A life decision of half a million euros  [in Greek]. Nicosia, Cyprus: EnTypois.

Soteriades, E. S., & Lazuras, L. (2014). Nicotine confesses: It’s not you, it’s me [in Greek]. Nicosia, Cyprus: EnTypois.

Lazuras, L., & Barkoukis, V. (2014). Performance enhancing drugs. In R. C. Ecklund, & G. Tenenbaum (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Sports and Exercise Psychology. New York: Sage.

Lazuras, L. (2014).  Normative influences on intentions to smoke among Greek adolescents: the moderating role of smoking status. Tobacco Induced Diseases, 12(5).

Lazuras, L. (2014). Normative influences on intentions to smoke among Greek adolescents: The moderating role of smoking status. Tobacco Induced Diseases, 12, 5. 

Lucidi, F., Malliaa, L., Lazuras, L., & Violani, C. (2014). Personality and attitudes as predictors of risky driving among older drivers. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 72, 318–324.

Kalyva, E., &Tsakiris, V. (2014). How do parents view the sexuality of their adolescents with high-functioning autism in Greece? The impact of culture. In M. C. Kenney (Ed.), Sex education: Attitude of adolescents, cultural differences and schools' challenges (pp. 55-74).  Hauppage, NY: Nova Science Publishers.

Kadriu, F., Kelpi, M., & Kalyva, E. (2014). Eating-disordered attitudes in Kosovo school-based populations: Potential risk factors. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 114, 382-387.

Kalyva, E., & Melonashi, E. (2014). Reported maternal styles and substance abuse: A cross-sectional study among educated Albanian young adults. Substance Use and Misuse, 49, 654-660.

Kalyva, E. (2014). Is Research on Mental Health Relevant to Culture and Context?. Clinics Mother Child Health11, e105.

Nearchou, F. A., Stogiannidou, A., & Kiosseoglou, G. (2014). Adaptation and psychometric evaluation of a resilience measure in Greek elementary school students. Psychology in the Schools, 51, 58-71.

Frantzidis, C.A., Vivas, A.B., Tsolaki, A., Klados, M.A., Tsolaki, M., & Bamidis, P.D (2014). Functional Disorganization of Small-World Brain Networks in mild Alzheimer’s Disease and amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment: An EEG Study using Relative Wavelet Entropy (RWE). Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 6.

Esteban, L., Vivas, A.B., & Estévez, A.F. (2014). Visual recognition memory enhancement in children through differential outcomes. ActaPsychologica, 150,  146–152.

Esteban, L., Plaza, V.,  López-Crespo, G., Vivas, A.B., &  Estévez, A.F. (2014). Differential outcomes training improves face recognition memory in children and in adults with Down syndrome. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 35 , 1384–1392.

González-Palau, F., Franco, M., Bamidis, P., Losada, R., Parra, E., Papageorgiou, S., & Vivas, A.B. (2014). The effect of a computer-based cognitive and physical training program in a healthy and mild cognitively impaired aging sample. Aging & Mental Health, 18(7), 838-846.

Bamidis, P.D., Vivas, A.B., Styliadis, C., Frantzidis, C., Klados, M., Schlee, W., & Papageorgiou, S.G. (2014). A review of cognitive and physical interventions in aging. Neuroscience & Biobehavioural Reviews, 44, 206-220.

Frantzidis, C., Ladas, A.,Vivas, A.B., Tsolaki, M., & Bamidis, P.D. (2014). A synchronization based neurophysiological evaluation of age-related cognitive and physical training: The case of the Long Lasting Memories (LLM) project. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 93, 1–11.

Ypsilanti, A., Vivas, A.B., Räisänen, T., Viitala, M. & Ropes, D. (2014). Are serious video games something more than a game? A review on the effectiveness of serious games to facilitate intergenerational learning. Education and Information Technologies, 19, (3), 515-529.

Räisänen, T., Ypsilanti, A., Ropes, D., Vivas, A.B., Viitala, M. & TuulaIjäs (2014). Examining the Requirements for an Intergenerational Learning Game. Education and Information Technologies. 19 (3), 531-547.

Ladas, A., Frantzidis, C, Bamidis, P., & Vivas, A.B. (2014). Eye Blink Rate as a biological marker of Mild Cognitive Impairment. International Journal of Psychophysiology. 93, 12–16.

Pavlidis, G., & Gargalianos, D. (2014). High Performance Athletes' education: Value, challenges and opportunities. Journal of Physical Education & Sport, 14(2), 293-300.



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