2011 - Publications
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece

2011 - Publications

Psychology Department

Kalyva, E., Malakonaki, E., Eiser, C., & Mamoulakis, D. (2011). Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQOL) of children with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM): Self and parental perceptions. Pediatric Diabetes12(1), 34–40.

Horwath, J., Hodgkiss, D., Kalyva, E., & Spyrou, S. (2011). You respond: promoting effective project participation by young People who have experienced violence. A guide to good practice through training and development. [Policy Making publication]

Agaliotis, I., & Kalyva, E. (2011). A survey of Greek general and special education teachers perceptions regarding the role of the special needs coordinator: Implications for educational policy on inclusion and teacher education. TATE27(3), 543–551.

Bamidis, P., Frantzidis, C., Kyrillidou, A., Ladas, A. I., Grigoriadou, E., Billis, A., Konstantinidis, E., Zilidou, V., Mouzakidis, C., Semertzidou, A., Karagianni, M., Vivas, A. B., Tsolaki, M. (2011). Cognitive training, physical exercise and information technology: Neuroscientific challenges and first evidence from the LLM project. Neuroscience Letters, 500(Supplement 1), e6.

Ypsilanti, A., & Vivas, A.B. (2011).Cognitive ageing in older workers and its impact on lifelong learning In Working and ageing: Guidance and counselling for mature learners. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union.

Fuentes, L. J., Vivas, A.B., Langley, L., Chen, Q., & Gonzales-Salinas, C. (2011). Inhibitory mechanisms in the attentional Networks: A multidisciplinary approach. In Cognitive Neuroscience of Attention (2nd ed). New York, NY, USA: The Guilford Press.

Lazuras, L., Ourda, D., Barkoukis, V., & Tsorbatzoudis, H. (2011). A study of predictors of adolescents' physical activity intentions. Psychology, Society & Education3(2), 69-81.



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