2009 - Publications
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece

2009 - Publications

Business Administration & Economics Department

Kapoulas, A., and Cvetanovski, I. (2009) Enhancing and Establishing Strong Relationships with Customers: The case of the Banking Sector in FYROM. EuroMed Conference. Solerno Italy.

Bibikas, D., Paraskakis, I., Vasconcelos, A.C. and Psychogios, A. (2009). Integrating knowledge and innovation through practice-based thinking: early findings from an SME case study. In proceedings of the 10th European Conference on Knowledge Management (ECKM), , Università Degli Studi Di Padova, Vicenza, Italy, 3-4 September 2009.

Eleftherakis, G., Hannam, S., Kalyva, E., & Psychogios, A. (2009). Infusing Research and Knowledge in South East Europe, Proceedings of the 4th Annual SEERC Doctoral Student Conference (DSC2009). Thessaloniki, Greece: South-East European Research Centre (SEERC).

Fotopoulou, D., Psychogios, A., & Szamosi, L. T. (2009). Towards an Understanding of Incubators' Training needs: a South-Eastern European Perspective. (pp. 269–280). Thessaloniki, Greece: SEERC.

Fotopoulou, D., & Psychogios, A. (2009). Towards the Anglo-Saxonization of Management Education? The Implications of Institutional Isomorphism in Mediterranean Capitalisms.

Psychogios, A., Wilkinson, A., & Szamosi, L. T. (2009). Getting to the Heart of the Debate: 'Hard' Versus 'Soft' Side Effects of TQM on Middle Manager Autonomy. TQM & Business Excellence, 20(4), 445–466.

Eleftherakis, G., Georgiadis, C., Ketikidis, P. H., & Stamatis, D. (Eds.). (2009). Proceedings of the 4th Balkan Conference in Informatics. Thessaloniki, Greece: A.T.E.I. Thessalonikis.

Ketikidis, P. H., Bulata, C., & Lazuras, L. (2009). The Intellectual Capital – Environmental Practices, Performance and their Relationships in the Romanian Banking Sector. In Proceedings of the 5th International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics (IFKAD 2009).

Ketikidis, P. H., Sotiriadou, A., Hatziapostolou, T., & Misopoulos, F. (Eds.). (2009). Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development, “Entrepreneurship and Innovation Crossroads: Triggers, Catalysts and Accelerators for Sustainable Regional Development”. Thessaloniki, Greece: SEERC.

Ramhorst, A., Huggins, R., & and Ketikidis, P. H. (2009). Social Capital and Clusters – Literature Review. In Proceedings on the 2nd International Conference on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development.



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