Sheffield’s SURE scheme 2013
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece
28 May 2013

Sheffield’s SURE scheme 2013

Congratulations to our students namely, Alexandra Cristina Patrascu, second level student at our Computer Science Department and Florenta Iuliana Solomon, second level student at our Business Administration and Economics Department , who received research funds through the University of Sheffield’s SURE (Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience) 2013.

Alexandra won the research scholarship with her project entitled ‘Pre-college girls - perception about Computer Science’ while Iuliana’s winning paper is entitled An Integrated Model for eHealth Implementation Analysis and Simulation in South Eastern Europe’.

The scholarships came through ‘SURE - Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience’ , a scheme of the University of Sheffield which invites undergraduate students of the university to conduct research in subject areas of their interest and offers scholarships to the best research proposals submitted.

Ms Alexandra Cristina PatrascuAlexandra commented on her success: “My research area of interest focuses on women in computer science, since I am one of the founding members of ‘Muses, ACM-W Student Chapter’ at CITY College. This chapter mainly aims at increasing the number of women interested in studying computer science and building a career in IT. Unfortunately, women are underrepresented in the disciplines of Science, Technology and Engineering and this is a consequence of many factors such as the influence of society, the misconception that IT is only for men, which determine pre-college girls to avoid choosing Computer Science as field for studies. The project that I proposed for the SURE Scheme intends to reveal the actual perception of females about a possible career in IT. As an interdisciplinary project, during my research, related studies from other disciplines will also be used (e.g. Psychology for the study of human behaviour). The whole experience will help me in the final year project, where I intend to continue the work that I am starting now, but it will also help me better coordinate the activities of the ACM-W Chapter that will be more oriented towards the needs of the computing society.”


Ms Florenta Iuliana SolomonIuliana said: “I applied to SURE 2013 because I thought it was a good opportunity to explore other research areas except for business. SURE represents an interdisciplinary project and I chose my topic on eHealth Implementation and Simulation because it combines multiple areas of knowledge that I wish to explore. Nowadays there is an increase in the demand for online, low cost and user-friendly applications for personal care and monitoring health status. My research project will focus on the South-East European region and I intend to create a model of eHealth solutions for the population of this region. This project combines the disciplines of Psychology, Computer Science and Business, making it truly interdisciplinary. I plan to continue my research in this area even after SURE and I aim to publish it either as part of a conference or as an individual journal article. My supervisor for this project, Prof. Panayiotis Ketikidis, offers me great support and access to all the resources necessary for a successful research outcome. Finally, I believe that with all the support that I get from my supervisor and from the staff of the University of Sheffield International Faculty, my project conclude with positive outcomes. I believe that SURE offers a great opportunity for students to explore more options for their future careers.

Many students from the International Faculty have received funding from SURE in the past and produced quality research papers while gained experience in research at the same time.

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