Congratulations to our Psychology graduate, Ms Siampani, on her new book on Psychotherapy
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece
11 March 2020

Congratulations to our Psychology graduate, Ms Siampani, on her new book on Psychotherapy

Congratulations are in order for Ms Katerina Siampani, graduate of our Psychology Department, who recently published her second book entitled ‘PSYCHOTHERAPY CALENDAR. Enlightening the windows of the soul’.

Congratulations to our Psychology graduate, Ms Siampani, on her new book on Psychotherapy

The book discusses topics such as role playing, "masks", the meaning of forgiveness and sacrifice. The book invites people on a magical journey of self-discovery and the search for the essence of being. Through personal experiences, experiential exercises, original incidents and exciting stories, it motivates us to look behind the veil and unify the pieces that make up this unique and diverse set called Self.

When asked about why she chose to write a book on this topic Ms Siampani said: “I will reverse the question by saying that the topic was chosen me. I mean, working with people psychotherapeutically inevitably leads us to writing. I always keep in mind that I could help people understand that psychotherapy is a gift they make to themselves. This is what I tried to express in this book. On the other hand, I have chosen to write a book that may be useful to many colleagues.” On planning to write more books in the future she commented: “Yes. Writing is a therapeutic process and it helps me to release, to get rid of difficult moments with clients who suffer.  At the same time I want to offer some of the things that I write to people who love reading and are interested in relating to themselves issues.”

Ms. Siampani’s book is a valuable handbook for anyone who wants to understand, but mostly to experience the life that awaits us. The book is addressed to mental health experts (psychologists, counselors, psychotherapists) and simple readers who are interested in the issues of the self. It attempts to make the process of psychotherapy not only more accessible or less frightening, but also attractive, motivating and exciting.

Ms. Katerina Siampani graduated from CITY College with an Msc in Counseling Psychology. In 2015 she received the ‘Distinguished Alumni Award’, during CITY College’s Graduation, as an acknowledgement of her achievements and success. She is a Gestalt Psychotherapist-Trainer-Supervisor, trained in  Art-Therapy and Sandplay Therapy. She is also a member of  EAGT, member of HAGT, holder of ECP, Writer. Collaborator of Hellenic Association of Alzheimer Disease and Related Disorders. In 2014 her first book was published by the Hellenic Association of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders under the scientific supervision of Professor Magda Tsolaki of the Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, under the title: ‘Walking together… Gestalt Therapy Viewing Dementia’.


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