City Podcast Year in Review!
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece
24 June 2021

City Podcast Year in Review!

The City Podcast is a new students' project created during the last academic year, which was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. After the lockdown measures, City Podcast came to fill the shoes in broadcasting student life during COVID-19. Podcasting as a new rising form of communication and entertainment, was a great way to create an online discussion with each other, analyse current issues and topics of interest. The City Podcast team included 10 students from different departments and levels that were in charge of different tasks. The positions were regarding the episode's hosting, script writing, audio editing and social media management. It was a new, challenging project but the team gained a lot of knowledge and skills regarding team-work, time management and task efficiency. On the other hand, the listeners had the opportunity to listen to their peers' perspective on many different matters through Spotify. They were also able to engage with the team and express their own views through the podcast's Instagram page. 

We can't wait for a new year of podcasting with new students in our team! Make sure to find us @citypodcast on Spotify and Instagram.

Find the full list of podcast episodes here

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