16th Annual Postgraduate Research Conference 2023 - PGR2023
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25 January 2023

16th Annual Postgraduate Research Conference 2023 - PGR2023

 Postgraduate Research Conference (PGR)CITY College, University of York Europe Campus and its research centre SEERC, is organizing the 16th Annual Postgraduate Research Conference - PGR2023, which will be held on 30 & 31 May 2023. The Conference is open to any postgraduate researcher and has an interdisciplinary focus. It is organized around core themes and topics.

Building on the success of the previous Doctoral Conferences, which have attracted more than 1000 research papers in total from countries all over the SE European region and beyond (UK, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Belgium and USA), we are pleased to announce this year's event.

The aim of the conference is to further facilitate the exchange of knowledge among young researchers and to consolidate existing academic and synergies among scholars currently undertaking research, providing at the same time plenty of research training opportunities. Postgraduate research students and young researchers are invited to attend and share their - early-stage or fully developed - research in a constructive and welcoming environment. Postgraduate students will have the opportunity to:

  • discuss their research with senior academics and receive individualised thorough feedback with a view to improving their overall research but also oral, writing and presentation skills.
  • self-reflect on their research and its position among that of their peers.
  • get advice on how to generate more impact from their research.
  • have plenty of opportunities for research training through several research seminars and workshops organised as part of the conference.
  • develop an interdisciplinary outlook through meeting peers from other disciplines.
  • build networks with other students and professionals from around the world.

Keynote Speech by Dr Georgios Atsalakis, Assistant Professor Economist, Technical University of Crete

"The future of the Academia and Industry relationship: Can we advance Science and Technology together?"
30 May 2023 | 12:00-13:00 | L. Sofou Building (3, L. Sofou st.)

Dr Georgios Atsalakis
Associate Professor – Economist at the Technical University of Crete, Laboratory of  Data Analysis and Forecasting, School of Production Engineering and Management

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16th Annual Postgraduate Research Conference 2023 - PGR2023


PGR2023 - The future of the Academia and Industry relationship


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