Introducing our new Students’ Union Board (CSU) 2023-24
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece
14 November 2023

Introducing our new Students’ Union Board (CSU) 2023-24

We are happy to introduce the new Students’ Union (CSU) Board 2023-24 of CITY College, University of York Europe, elected by the entire student body at our main campus in Thessaloniki.

The elected officers are:

President Etnik Ballata
Vice President Masa Kovacevic
Welfare & Education Officer Ayah Fahmy
PR & Communications Officer Vesa Shabani
Sports & Recreational Activities Officer Gianni Bello

Introducing CITY College International Faculty's new Students Union Board (CSU) 2020-21

From left to right: Ayah Fahmy, Masa Kovacevic, Vesa Shabani, Etnik Ballata, Gianni Bello


Congratulations to all students who have taken part either by standing, being part of a campaign team or voting!

Congratulations to the elected officers! CITY College wishes its new CSU a very successful academic year ahead!


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