Executive MBA Induction 2013 in Bucharest
Κολέγιο CITY College
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18 November 2013

Executive MBA Induction 2013 in Bucharest

The 14th of November 2013 saw the Induction Day for our Executive MBA in Bucharest that marked the beginning of academic year 2013-14.

Mr. George Efstathiadis, Director of the programme, Dr. Leslie Szamosi, Academic Director of the programme and Dr. Alexandros Psychogios, Senior Lecturer and Ms. Alina Vasile, Country Manager, welcomed the students and provided useful information about the Executive MBA. Also our alumna Ms. Ramona Pergel shared with the newcomers her EMBA experience.
The evening’s highlight was the particularly insightful speech delivered by British Ambassador of Romania, Mr. Martin Harris, who attended the event as special guest of the Executive MBA Induction Day.
Like previous years, middle and top management managers and professionals from different industry sectors, primarily from Romania but other countries too, are attending the programme that successfully runs in Bucharest since 2006.

The Executive MBA induction day in Bucharest, in Antena 3 channel.


In the frame of the Induction Day the students in Bucharest participated in the 'People Building Exercise'. The exercise worked as the perfect icebreaker for MBA participants and helped them build a sense of team and teamwork.


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