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About the Department

The Computer Science Department The Computer Science DepartmentThe Computer Science Department of CITY College, University of York Europe Campus provides excellent quality education driven by research and industrial needs, by developing and maintaining high standards in the provision of education and by deploying quality assurance procedures, with major aim to produce high calibre graduates, well-equipped to pursue successful careers in a wide range of contexts.

Students do not only acquire a sound theoretical understanding but they also gain practical experience, by applying their knowledge on real life projects. Students benefit from the research-led environment, since they are exposed to not only the well-established fundamentals in their courses, but also to the most advanced theories and techniques currently under consideration and they are encouraged to be involved in academic research activities. Students are taught by academic staff members who are passionate about developing and delivering high quality innovative and inspirational learning and teaching methods. Students benefit from the provision of personal support, which ensures their successful learning development.

The Department has cultivated a research culture and environment which provides research opportunities for staff and students. The research that takes place in the Department is characterised by the well established research groups of proven quality research, by funded research of great impact to the research community and to the industry and by the external recognition of the research staff; who is invited to chair, organize or join programme committees of major international conferences, to become members of network of excellence and members of professional societies.

For all the above the department provides an environment which is committed to fostering and embodying professionalism as this is reflected in the attitudes and activities which are consistent with high standards of excellence, enabling all of its members, students and staff members, to achieve success and recognition.

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