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VISA and residence permit

Information for full-time and part-time students studying in Thessaloniki

All non–EU students should apply for a student visa at the Greek consulate office of their own country.

A valid student visa is necessary in order to later apply for student residence permit since , according to the Greek Immigration Law all international students living in Greece must apply for a student residence permit at the immigration office in Thessaloniki.

In general, the documents that will be required from you by the Greek Embassy or Consulate in your country to apply for a student visa are the following:

  • A valid passport or other travel identification documents
  • A certificate issued by CITY College
  • Proof of financial support
  • An official "health certificate", from a health institution in the applicant’s country, declaring that the student does not carry any transmitted (contagious) diseases (translated into Greek and legalised)
  • An official certificate that the applicant has no criminal record (Translated into Greek and notarized)
  • 2-4 passport size pictures
  • Evidence of efficient knowledge of the English Language
  • A completed application form

Upon your acceptance the Department of Student Services will send you specific guidelines and certificates that you can use for the application process.


For additional information, clarification and assistance contact The Department of Student Services at

Tel.:  +30 2310 514771 (ext. 123)


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