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Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece

Research at the Business Administration & Economics Department


BAED Research strategy

  • Meet high international standards of excellence in research by increasing and advancing quality output, impact and engagement.
  • Produce and disseminate original and well executed research in business, management, marketing, entrepreneurship, and economics.
  • Produce research with transformational impact on current business practices, business education, and the society with a focus on South East Europe.
  • Pursue synergies among members of staff and between members of the Department and academics from other departments of the International Faculty, from the University of Sheffield, and from other Higher Education Institutions.
  • Follow a research-led teaching approach, which enables members of staff to better link their participation in research with their teaching interests.
  • Support SEERC in its aim to operate at the forefront of scholarly enquiry.



Research Interest Areas

Economics  Finance & Banking
Topics in: Monetary Economics, Exchange Rates, Financial Spillovers, Geopolitics and Foreign Direct Investment.

Staff Members
Dr Petros Golitsis
Dr Sercan Demiralay
Dr Sotirios Bellos
Dr Efi Vasileiou
Dr Christina Paraskevopoulou


Management & Organization
Topics in: Strategy, Organization, Human Recourses, Technology Management, Enterpreneurship & Innovation, Environmental Sustainability, Supply Chain Management and public Administration.

Staff Members
Dr Andreas Alexiou
Dr Anastasios Diamantidis
Dr Adrian Solomon
Prof. Panayiotis Ketikidis
Dr Alexandra Prodromidou
Prof. Leslie Szamosi


Topics in: Qualitative Market Research, New Phenomena in Marketing,  Consumer Behaviour , Relationship Marketing, Sustainability, Luxury Fashion and International Marketing.

Staff Members
Dr Alexandros Kapoulas
Prof. George Miaoulis
Prof. Leslie Szamosi






Xharavina, N., Kapoulas A., and Miaoulis G. (forthcoming) Netnography as a marketing research tool in the fashion industry in South East Europe. International Journal of Market Research.

Demiralay S. and Kilicarslan E., (forthcoming) The Impact of Geopolitical Risks on Travel and Leisure Stocks. Tourism Management

Hanedar, A.Ö., Gencer, H.G., Demiralay, S. and Altay, İ., (forthcoming). The Ottoman dissolution and the İstanbul bourse between war and peace: a foreign exchange market perspective on the Great War. Scandinavian Economic History Review (online), Taylor & Francis, pp.17. https://doi.org/10.1080/03585522.2018.1546615

Petrova, S. and Prodromidou, A. (2019) Everyday Politics of Austerity: Infrastructure and Vulnerability in times of Crisis, Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space [online], Sage Journals, Available from https://doi.org/10.1177%2F2399654419831293

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Books & Conferences

Collings, D. G., Wood, G. T., & Szamosi, L. T. editors (2018). Human Resource Management . Routledge, London.

Gashi  E., Saropoulos S. and Diamantidis A.(2018), "Examining the relationship between Motivation and Job Satisfaction in Greek companies", Doctoral Student Conference, 9-11 May 2018, CITY College, International Faculty of the University of Sheffield, Thessaloniki, Greece

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Petrovski, D., Szamosi, L.T., and Lozanoska, H. (2017) Gender sensitive HR policies and practices as a means for increasing the competiveness of ICT companies: A SEE case study, ICEIRD, August 31- September 1 – Thessaloniki.








Funded research projects

TrainERGY (Erasmus+, Energy Efficient Operations, 2015-2018, 56 120 EUR)
REINVEST (Europeaid, Sustainable Transport, 2015 - 2018, 51 274 EUR)
iSTART (Erasmus+, Startups, 2016 - 2019, 41 610 EUR)
ATSIV (Erasmus+, NGOs, 2016-2019, 31 930 EUR)
FIT4RRI (H2020/SWAFS, Responsible Research & Innovation, 2017-2020, 215 750 EUR)
DIGI-GRENT (Erasmus+, Responsible Startups, 2018-2021, 54 045 EUR)
MIGRATE (Erasmus+ Jean Monnet, Refugees, 2016 - 2019, 64 000)
TeRRItoria (H2020/SWAFS, Territorial responsible innovation, 2019-2022, 164 750 EUR)
GRACE (H2020/SWAFS, Responsible Innovation, 2019-2022, 91 600 EUR)
PROSFET (H2020/MSCA, Sustainable Transport, 2017-2019, 40 500 EUR)
RETRACE (H2020/MSCA, Circular Economy, 2018-2021, 474 435 EUR)
HLX4EU (Erasmus+ Jean Monnet, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, 2018 - 2021, 60 000 EUR)



PhD candidates

Zlatina Gubatova
Besart Hajrizi
Elina Ketikidi
George Kladakis
Drilon Lajci
Danimir Ljepava
Delfin Pllana
Linda Tahiri Rukiqi
Natyra Xharavina
Kushtrim Zeqiri