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Postgraduate Study (Masters)

Our postgraduate programmes (Masters) offer specialised, in-depth knowledge in the fields of Neuropsychology and Counseling Psychology, as well as an exceptional foundation of methodological and critical thinking skills.

Postgraduate studies in Neuropsychology

Our postgraduate programmes in Neuropsychology focus on the understanding of the neuronal basis of behaviour, acquiring a deeper knowledge and experience of clinical neuropsychology and advanced research skills. The programmes focus on cognitive deficits that follow brain damage in clinical populations, such as neurological patients (e.g., stroke and epilepsy), people with neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders, and children with neurodevelopmental conditions. The programmes will help prepare you for professional positions (e.g., as an assistant psychologist) or further education in Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (i.e., D.Psych) or a PhD position.

Postgraduate studies in Counselling Psychology

The two programmes in Counselling Psychology extend student knowledge on a range of counselling approaches while providing them with the opportunity to specialise in contemporary counselling theory and practice. Students gain knowledge at the basic level on how society functions, children learn, people behave or misbehave, grow, and how the underlying mechanisms in co-operation with other forces (e.g., environment) explain these phenomena.


The Practicum component of the MA in Counselling Psychology and the MA in Clinical Neuropsychology offers students the opportunity to put theory into practice as part of their studies, thus gaining invaluable hands-on experience. Students will be eligible to begin the practicum after having completed successfully the modules of the first year of studies and after having started the Foundation course.

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Degree Qualification
Clinical Neuropsychology MA
Clinical Psychology MSc
Cognitive Neuropsychology MSc
Counselling & Psychotherapy MSc
Counselling Psychology MSc
Counselling Psychology with Practicum MA


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