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CITY College.
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece

Student testimonials

Dr Maria Spachidou
Safeblood Bioanalytica, Greece

Mr Adrian Xerxa
UNICEF, Kosovo

Dr Maria Spachidou
Safeblood Bioanalytica, Greece


Mr Adrian Xerxa
UNICEF, Kosovo


Mr Pantelis Saridis“I chose the Executive MBA programme not only because of the global recognition of the University of Sheffield, but also because it carries accreditations by three prestigious associations (AMBA, AACSB and UK Chartered Management Institute).
I appreciated the extremely high professional and academic level of both peers and academics, but also the ongoing support and assistance provided by academics, and administration staff when needed. The structure of the syllabus and the content of the classes are adapted to today’s era with real case studies, fully interactive sessions and team assignments resulting to constantly challenging yourself. Through the MBA programme I learnt how to act and react as a contemporary manager in terms of multidimensional issues, interpreting data, numbers and dealing with complex problems, while at the same time gained hard and soft skills in order to make well-weighed decisions in my job.
Moreover, the flexible delivery of modules makes easy to combine work and study, given that it is primarily addressed to executives along with the distinguished and outstanding academics.
The MBA of the University of Sheffield enabled me to improve myself as communicator and negotiator, become the determinant in the progress of my career in the enterprise. In addition, apart from the time-management skills, I also gained managerial and leadership skills that have boosted my career so far and equipped me for the future. The programme did not meet, but actually exceeded my expectations.”

Mr Pantelis Saridis
Sector Account Development Manager


Mr Ramadan Gagica“One of the main reasons for choosing the Executive MBA offered by the University of Sheffield International Faculty was the flexibility of the programme that is very convenient for people working full time like myself. The programme allows participants with busy schedule to easily combine work and study . In addition, the programme leads to the University of Sheffield MBA degree that is globally recognised.
The MBA was not only pursuing a degree. Most importantly, is was about making valuable connections and network among colleagues. After completing the programme, I ended up with many business cooperations with my colleagues, who are now my clients.
I strongly recommend this programme to everyone. It is very demanding, yet very valuable at the end. It is not only about the degree, it is about connections, networking and collaborations.”

Mr Ramadan Gagica
Adviser to the Minister of Economic Development


Mr Stoyan Tachev“I am very happy to have chosen the University of Sheffield for my MBA degree. I chose it because of the impeccable reputation of the university and the flexibility of the programme. For me, the Sheffield MBA is the perfect mix of high-level professors, friendly and challenging atmosphere, outstanding colleagues from the cohort and last, but not least, the very friendly and helpful administration staff. The programme surpassed my expectations as I managed to look at current business issue from a totally new viewpoint, got to meet fantastic people whose acquaintance enriched me tremendously. I would highly recommend the Sheffield MBA to anyone who wants to grow both as a professional and as a person.”

Mr Stoyan Tachev
Total Quality Manager
at BILLA Bulgaria Ltd.


Mr Giovanni Serafini“The Executive MBA at CITY College was an incredibly valuable endeavor which made me develop my management skills and professional insights. Although my field of expertise is Human Resources, I was exposed and benefited from a wide spectrum of business disciplines, such as marketing, finance, operations and business strategies. EMBA made me redefine and better pursue my career objectives. I can say that my EMBA experience has made me more self-confident, direct and effective in the decision making and solution implementation procedures.”

Dr Giovanni Serafini
Personnel Manager, Thessaloniki Hyatt Regency Hotel


Mr Spyros Ignatiadis

“I was attracted Sheffield’s EMBA because of its excellent reputation as a leading and challenging degree for business people who wish to expand their skills and broaden their career prospects. Most importantly, I found attending classes one weekend per month perfectly suitable to my busy working schedule. The course succeeded in developing my management skills and I now feel more confident and competent to tackle my everyday professional challenges. ”

Mr Spyros Ignatiadis
General Director, SEPVE


Ms Gordana Dinevska“If I had to choose again a university to do an MBA, CITY College would appear once more on the top of my list, as it gives the opportunity to its students to receive a degree with international recognition combined with international education and environment. I very much enjoyed the great moments I had during classes and I have made strong bonds with many international friends and, at the same time, partners I met while studying at CITY College.”

Ms Gordana Dinevska
Commercial Manager in Skopje Fait Ltd.


Mr Yuri Shkurat“The quality of education and the diversity of the student body were the main reasons I chose the EMBA programme at the University of Sheffield International Faculty CITY College. I was also impressed by the profound knowledge and professional attitude that both the faculty and the administration staff demonstrated inside and outside the classroom. The classes combined theory and practice in great balance, often applied on the students’ diverse working and life experiences. Students’ collaboration and knowledge-sharing during classes, the challenging assignments and case studies, the integrative group projects and the Study Week at the University of Sheffield campus in the UK made the programme even more suitable to my professional and personal needs.”

Mr Yuri Shkurat
Principal Banker, Energy and Infrastructure
The Black Sea Trade and Development Bank


Mr Vladimir Afenliev“I chose to study at CITY College in Thessaloniki because it offers a quality Executive MBA programme from the University of Sheffield, close to Sofia where I live and work. The programme has a flexible delivery mode mode which is perfect for busy people like me. I really found what I expected and even more: update of contemporary management science, open and friendly atmosphere, flexibility and willingness of faculty and management members to provide help and support when needed. During my studies I was promoted from Managing Director to Director of Business Development in Central and East Europe and Asia of ACTAVIS Group and later on I became the Country Manager of Bulgaria for Abbott Laboratories S.A.”

Mr Vladimir Afenliev
Country Manager for Bulgaria
Abbott Laboratories S.A.


Mr Dimitar Bogov“CITY College offers a quality Executive MBA program close to Skopje, which was veryconvenient having in mind my highly demanding job. The affiliation to the University of Sheffield and careful selection of lecturers from both academic institution and top private companies was an additional advantage. There is no doubt that my studies at CITY College have contributed significantly to raising my professional profile.”

Mr Dimitar Bogov
Vice Governor of the Central Bank, Skopje


Mr Tomislav Dimitrovski“I chose the University of Sheffield Executive MBA because I wanted to challenge myself with a rigorous MBA programme that combines British quality education and the benefits of a multcultural environment. My studies at the International Faculty College have contributed significalty to my professional advancement. I take up learning and apply it to my daily tasks, especially those related to sales and marketing.”

Mr Tomislav Dimitrovski
Consul General of North Macedonia
in Thessaloniki