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Alumni Services

Graduates of CITY College continue to be an important part of our academic community long after graduation. Through a range of services we aim at supporting our alumni in their post-university life.


Alumni Office

CITY College offers through its Alumni Office also offers continuously expanding services to its graduates. Here are some of the services offered to our alumni:

  • career counselling
  • networking opportunities
  • access to business contacts
  • alumni events/reunions
  • circulation of alumni news
  • circulation of job vacancies
  • the annual career fair and many, many more!

In addition our Alumni Office enables former students to keep in touch, not only with CITY College but also with each other, and to encourage the continued participation of graduates in the various activities. All former students have free, automatic membership to this service. Please help us by sharing with us your up-to-date contact details. You can then become an active member, benefit from our services and join our activities and events!


Alumni mentoring

The Department of Student Services and Alumni does not stop supporting our students upon completion of their studies. At a time when the job market is characterised by constant change and the 'job for life' mentality is diminishing, CITY College believes that its students will continue to require advice and support when making choices about future career changes.

The department aims to help you stay in touch with CITY College and course mates, wherever you are in the world. As a former student of CITY College you remain a valued member of our community. All past students are automatically members of the Alumni Association. Its purpose is to establish relationships between Alumni members as well as between Alumni members and CITY College. As an Alumni member you will have access to an expanding range of benefits and services, many exclusively offered to the CITY College’s Alumni. In order to provide the Alumni with long-term career support the department keeps updated records of its alumni community and organizes seminars and lectures. To keep its past student community up-to-date with the job market demands and provide them with valuable networking opportunities the Department of Student Services and Alumni provides our Alumni access to our Library, the Information and Learning Commons and organises a calendar of events.


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