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Career Services

Developing students’ employability

Your studies at the CITY College are your investment in your future and a solid start for a successful career. By offering a wide range of career services we support our students and graduates succeed in achieving their goals.

The Career, Employability and Enterprise Centre helps our students fulfill their career aspirations both in terms of an immediate return on their investment in education and in terms of future career growth. All career services are offered to both our students and alumni helping them jumpstart or further advance their career path.

The mission of the Career, Employability and Enterprise Centre is to provide guidance and a wealth of resources to a diverse student body for the attainment of students’ career-related goals. The Department offers a full career management service including:

  • One-on-one career counseling
  • Advice on job search strategies
  • Coaching and advice in professional CV preparation
  • Useful tips for successful interviews
  • Career-related seminars and workshops
  • Job/internship vacancy circulation
  • Circulation of online resources
  • Career Counselling for students and alumni
  • The Annual Career Fair and many more.

We maintain a strong and extensive network of employers from large companies and organisations across South East and Eastern Europe who trust CITY College when recruiting due to our graduates’ remarkable reputation.


Developing students’ employability

We believe that students should not just settle and study to receive a degree. A degree is no longer enough to guarantee a graduate a satisfying future career. Through a wide range of extracurricular activities we develop our students’ employability skills in addition to knowledge gained from their subject disciplines.

We aim at motivating and supporting our students in articulating their skills throughout their studies with us and get involved in a range of activities and initiatives. Student life is infused with a wealth of extracurricular and professionally oriented activities: the Students’ Union activities, student events, conferences, seminars, guest lectures, company visits, student competitions, community volunteering, cultural events and many more. The time students spend with us for their studies is both busy and rewarding, shaping a valued graduate profile.

Students at CITY College actively engage in the education process and develop an impressive range of valuable attributes, knowledge and skills for their future careers and life beyond.


Advising on continuing your studies

Whether you are enrolled in one of our courses or you are already one of our graduates and are considering to take your studies to the next level, our counsellor at the Career, Employability and Enterprise Centre will be happy to advise you and talk you through your options. You may book a personal appointment or contact our counsellor via email for online consultation.


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