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English Language Support Unit (ELSU)

The English Language Support Unit (ELSU) provides students with all support, resources and facilities they need to study at under and postgraduate level in the medium of English. We believe language learning is a life-long process and our aim is to encourage all students to become both expert users and independent learners of the language.


Support Offered by ELSU

Level One (Undergraduate)

Academic English Skills Unit: There are a range of compulsory Academic English courses for all students during their first year which focus on both language improvement and developing academic fluency and literacy skills.


IELTS Preparation

Students who do not already hold a recognized qualification in English will have the opportunity to study and take the IELTS examination with the support of the Unit. This course is compulsory for all undergraduate first level students. Masters students who are interested in obtaining a recognised qualification, may contact ELSU at ztatsioka@york.citycollege.eu.

ELSU also recognises that each cohort of students differ in their English ability and needs, therefore other courses offered as and when there is a demand.

Students are always welcome to drop into the ELSU Office with questions or queries.

E-mail enquiries may be addressed to ztatsioka@york.citycollege.eu.

*Please note that for written work in progress, a face to face consultation is necessary


Self Access Language Learning Resources

The Self Access Audio Visual and Language Learning Resources Centre of the Information Learning Commons (ILC) offers students a range of learning opportunities including IELTS/TOEFL preparation materials and audio and visual cassettes for self-study. A range of general and academic English course-books are also available.

You may contact ILC for details at library@york.citycollege.eu


ELSU'S Language Improvement Directory

ELSU has information on different agencies and individuals who offer a range of language development services such as private lessons.


Information for registration - Thessaloniki IELTS / TOEFL

For further information on any of the above services or to arrange an appointment contact:

Dr Zoi Tatsioka
Head of Humanities Department
Director of ELSU

Koromila Building
Tel: + 30 2310 224421
Fax: + 30 2310 269095
E-mail: ztatsioka@york.citycollege.eu



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