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Computing Support Services

The main campus of CITY College hosts five Computer Labs with microcomputers (PCs) running Windows Operating Systems, connected to a Local Area Network. The labs are equipped with laser printers. 
The laboratories are open to the students from 9:00 am to 21:30 pm.


Internet Services

All PCs are connected to the Internet. The Students and Staff can connect their wireless devices to the wireless network.


E-Mail facility

Students have a Google Workspace for Education (Gmail) account. They can use all the Google Applications (Email, Drive, Calendar, Video conferencing and collaboration tools). Email checking can be done using the Google Gmail service.



Intranet provides useful information about our student clubs, Career Services, support/training tutorials and advice. Access to the Intranet services is granted to all students, academic staff and professors who have a user account. When trying to access the Intranet a user name and a password is required. Every user has access to specific parts of the Intranet. Access the Intranet service.


The Help Desk

The Computing Center support staff provides a Help Desk facility to all students. The Help desk includes user’s training on how to use software and hardware equipment. A student can also ask for advice on any problem that he/she faces in the labs. Furthermore, support staff provides special software (repair tools) that can be used by students to protect their work from viruses and disk failure.


The Helpdesk web site

The Help Desk website, provides users with the ability to report problems and read technical guidance on how to use the Computing Support Services (how to connect their wireless device to our wireless network, how to print etc). Go to Helpdesk.


Contact our IT support staff

Computing Center support staff can be reached at the Computing Support Services Office (L. Sofou building, 7th floor) from 09:00-22:00. Users may also send an e-mail at



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