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Learning and teaching


The aim of education at CITY College, University of York Europe Campus is to foster an environment where students will acquire specialised scientific knowledge, as well as to provide a basis for their personal, social and cognitive development. We provide students with opportunities to develop a thorough grounding in the academic subject of their choice and at the same time to become highly qualified professional graduates.

Our graduates have a number of attributes which enhance their employability profile, such as:

  • analytical and critical skills
  • independent inquiry and research
  • interaction with complex, dynamic and International business environment
  • problem solving in the contemporary age
  • professional skills and ethics
  • creativity and innovation
  • collaborative work
  • oral and written communication skills
  • Information & Communication Technology skills
  • time management and planning
  • self-evaluation
  • social, cultural and interpersonal communication skills
  • career planning and personal development

The educational ethos of CITY College, University of York Europe Campus is conveyed to the students through the curriculum and the everyday methods of teaching and learning as well as the extracurricular activities. The Teaching, Learning & Assessment methods at CITY College can be considered pioneering in the context of Higher Education and follow closely the guidelines and standards of the British Higher Education system. A variety of teaching and learning methods are used, such as:

  • Interactive Lectures and extra support tutorials as a result of small classes;
  • Personal Tutorial System and Individual Tutoring/Advising;
  • Engagement with real life through Case Studies, Guest and Invited Speakers, Panel lecturing, 'Real life' Projects, Debates, Company Visits;
  • Innovative teaching, such as Simulations, Role Playing, Collaborative workshops,
  • Engagement with Research activities, such as Research Methods, Final Year Projects & Dissertations;
  • Hands-on practice in Laboratory Classes, organisation and participation in Conferences and Workshops;
  • Online Learning activities and support, through a Virtual Learning Environment, synchronous online Collaboration Systems, asynchronous audio-visual material, electronic library etc.

The key strategy that CITY College wishes to maintain is the personal attention to each individual student. This has been achieved so far by:

  • Close monitoring of student progress. 
  • Student-centered approach to support and services. 
  • Small classes and low staff/student ratio.
  • Extra support classes for weaker students.
  • "Open-door" policy with individual help is given to any student at any time. 
  • Skill Development System for all 1st Level students.
  • Personal Tutor for every student.

CITY College, University of York Europe Campus places particular emphasis on Quality Assurance procedures in order to maintain high standards of educational provision. Its core strength is a commitment to student-centred education that enhances the student learning experience and overall satisfaction in various ways. 

Excellence in teaching by Full-Time and Part-Time staff is what makes CITY College distinctive in the SEE region. The main asset of CITY College is its human resources. In combination with the rigorous quality assurance procedures and its overall strategy, the academic staff use innovative teaching, learning and assessment methods that are commended by both current students, alumni, external auditors, and employers.  

Within the University of York Europe Campus, CITY College the bodies responsible for learning and teaching matters are the Learning & Teaching Committee, the Quality Strategy and Enhancement Committee and the Learning & Teaching Quality Assurance Unit.


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