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Interlibrary Request Service

Download here the interlibrary request form. 

The mission of the ILC Interlibrary Request Service, as stated in its policy, is to encourage the dissemination of knowledge through sharing resources at a national and international level, in order to provide users with the information they need for educational or research purposes. 

What is Interlibrary Request Service (IRS) ?

The IRS offers students, researchers and academics the option to obtain material such as articles, extracts of books, conference proceedings and reports, that is not part of the library collection, either in print or electronically, via consortia suppliers.

The Procedure

It is essential to first advice ABEKT library catalogue and the e-resources to ensure that the item is not in stock. Once you have confirmed that the item is not held by the Library, you may then contact the Library Services Desk and send your request. The ILC staff, amongst others, has to deal with requests made by library members and to process the great number of requests for photocopies received daily from libraries elsewhere.

Filling in the form
Please give the fullest possible details of your request and write clearly. If you omit essential information, your request may be delayed or fail altogether. The ILC staff needs the following information:

For journal articles

For other material

Journal title - Source




Journal article title

Year of publication

Year of publication


Volume number


Issue number (if known)





If this is possible, you should include the source of reference, as well, i.e. details of the book, bibliography or journal article where you took the information. If you need help with this, ask the ILC staff.

When the item arrives
Web access allows the online order of the requested material. E-copies will arrive within 24 to 48 hours and sent to the requestor by email. International orders will be received within 5-10 days. The users will receive the item by email.

Interlibrary Service attempts to locate any material a user may require, but the following materials are extremely difficult to obtain via interlibrary loan:

Audiovisual materials including videos and CDs Whole volumes or issues of periodicals or conference proceedings
Whole dissertations Newspapers or manuscripts
Rare books & reference materials Computer software and manuals

Help with Queries

Requestors may contact (email, phone) the ILC staff for help and advice on the Interlibrary Request Service procedure.  All requests should be sent to



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