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CITY's Students Union (CSU)

CSU - CITY Students Union

CSU - CITY Students UnionCITY’s Student Union (CSU) consists of elected students through a transparent voting procedure. It contributes to a productive and fruitful connection between the students and the administration of CITY College, the conveyance of students’ demands, the organisation of any activity that concerns them and, generally, the improvement of student life. The elections take place every academic year and all students are offered the opportunity to elect their spokespersons by voting for them in the ballots on which the candidates appear. CSU is responsible for informing the members of CITY College about concerns and ideas, or changes they wish to achieve, as well as any event they want to organise throughout the year.


The CSU consists of

• Officers in the positions of

1) President who oversees all the CSU activities and should provide support, advice and guidance to the other members

2) Vice President who supports the President in achieving the Students’ Union’s objectives, and be the Officer chiefly responsible for representing views and needs of Master level students

3) Public Relations and Communications Officer who organises events, supports the activities of different clubs, takes photos of events and updates newsfeed on social media

4) Welfare and Education Officer who co-operates with Student affairs Office to ensure that relevant and effective advice is available to students and the Academic Department to keep students informed of, and campaign on, academic issues

5) Sports and Recreational Activities Officer who is responsible for sports and recreational activities

'Become an Academic Rep' flyer (PDF)• Academic Representatives: An academic representative (Academic Rep) is an undergraduate or postgraduate student-volunteer, who represents fellow students to their department; communicates class issues to CSU officers; participates in one senate meeting per semester with the Officers of the CSU, and in the biannual student course boards.
Find out more about Academic Representatives.

'Become an Academic Rep' flyer (PDF)


All enrolled students are privileged to declare candidacy, unless they are on disciplinary probation.

Candidates are encouraged to support an educational environment, represent the student body appropriately and should show good citizenship, both on and off campus. CSU act as the students’ voice and requires a responsible attitude in order to make this voice productively transmitted and received.

Introducing CITY College new Students Union Board (CSU)

From left to right: Ayah Fahmy, Masa Kovacevic, Vesa Shabani, Etnik Ballata, Gianni Bello

Active CSU Board

President: Etnik Ballata,
Vice President: Masa Kovacevic,
Public Relations and Communications Officer: Vesa Shabani,
Welfare and Education Officer: Ayah Fahmy,
Sports and Recreational Activities Officer: Gianni Bello,



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