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We recognize that finding your way around the library and using and using in an effective the facilities, resources and services can be frustrating. Our welcoming staff are on hand to help support you throughout your studies

Below are some of the frequently asked questions students should want to know the answers to. In case there is not an answer to a query you may have, contact the Library Services Desk.


Questions on… Access


Questions on… Borrowing


Questions on… Locations


Questions on… ILC Resources


Questions on… ILC Services


Questions on… ILC Facilities




I am a new student at CITY College – How can I use the ILC?

The first time you come to the ILC you will be asked to fill in a membership form in order to become a member of the Library. As an enrolled member you will be able to borrow books, use the Study Rooms and access the IT and Electronic services.


I am a graduate of CITY College - Am I still entitled to use the ILC? 

Students who have graduated from CITY College can join the library and register to use all the ILC facilities and information resources. Graduate students who live in Thessaloniki can borrow 2 items for two weeks. If you wish to apply for membership you will need to complete a membership application.


I am not a member - Can I use the ILC?

People who are interested in becoming members can be issued with an ILC card that allows them to borrow and use of the computing facilities. External members can borrow 2 items at a time for two weeks. If you wish to apply for membership you will need to have with you your personal ID card and complete a membership form. Day visitors do not need to apply for membership. Only some kind of ID needs to be left at the Library Services Desk.




How many books can I borrow?

Borrowing depends on the category you belong to. Full details of borrowing can be found on the Using the Library web pages.


The book I need is on loan - Can it be kept for me when it is returned?

If the book you require is on loan you can request a reservation, either by email of by approaching the Library Services Desk. When the book is returned you will be notified by email. Reserved items are kept for 3 days. If it is not collected on time due, it will be returned to the shelves.


I can not find the book I want to borrow

When you find a book on OpenABEKT Library Catalogue, write down the correct call number and the collection in order to locate where the book is shelved. If you do not find it on the shelves, check at the “Book Returns” stack or see if somebody is reading it in the ILC. If the book is not already on loan, please notify the librarians so they can search for it (it might be misplaced).


Where do I return books?

Books can be returned to the Library Services Desk during the ILC opening hours. If you fail to return books on due date and if you have not made a telephone or e-mail renewal, please note that you will be subjected to a fine. If you want to borrow the same books again, the librarians must first check to see if the books were in the meantime reserved by another member. If not, you may borrow the books for 2 more weeks.


Can I borrow books during summer vacation?

When the examinations of the spring semester finish all students must return to the Library the books they have borrowed. In case you want to keep the books during summer or borrow others you must issue them at the Library Services Desk.




What is a classification number?

The classification number is a sequence of numbers and letters that gives you the exact location of a particular book. You should use the classification number to locate a book on the shelves.


Where can I find the ELSU learning resources?

The main ELSU Book Collection is situated nearby the main English Studies Collection. Audiovisual material may be requested from the Library Services Desk. A separate category of “Applied Linguistics” books is stored within the “Social Sciences” Main Collection.


Where are the printed journals kept?

All journals are listed in the OpenABKET Library Catalogue. When you find the journal that you require note the title. Current issues of print journals and magazines are located on the display shelves near the entrance of the ILC. Past issues are shelved separately in the Project Room. Ask the ILC staff to help you find them.



ILC Resources

Where do I get the resources I need for my course?

Most of the resources you require are available at the ILC. Textbooks and Recommended Readings are stored in the Reserve collection of each department, articles you can find in our digital resources. You can also access a range of University of Sheffield Library resources by logging into MUSE. Please note that not all ToUS library resources are available due to licensing restrictions.


How do I find help to find information about my subject?

The ILC staff should be able to help you. Subject guides are available on the ILC webpages. Follow the 'Subject Guides' link via the Help and Support tab. Subject information is also available on the University of Sheffield Library web pages. To access you need to follow the 'Subject Guides' link via the Library tab on MUSE.


How can I access e-resources?

The ILC is subscribed to a variety of e-resources to help students with their research. To access e-resources whether on campus or not you have to be a registered member of the ILC with a valid username and password. For more information contact the Library Services Desk.


What is a MUSE account?

MUSE is the University of Sheffield portal. A MUSE account will allow students and staff personalized and secure access to library resources from any location. Only enrolled CITY College students and staff may obtain a University of Sheffield MUSE account. For more information contact the Library Services Desk.



ILC Services

What is OpenABEKT Library Catalogue – How can I use it?

The ABEKT Library Catalogue is an online catalogue that gives information about material held at the ILC. In order to locate material in the library you must always write down the call number and collection of the particular item.


What is the Interlibrary Request Service?

The IRS offers students, researchers and academics the option to obtain material such as articles, extracts of books, conference proceedings and reports that is not part of the library collections. You must contact the Library Services Desk for further information.


What is the Document Supply Service?

The DDS is a scanning service for CITY College distant and PhD students who cannot visit the ILC. Material held by the ILC (providing it does not exceed 20 pages) can be scanned and delivered to students’ desktop. For a larger portion of material students can use this service to obtain a photocopy of the required item that will be sent to their postal address.



ILC Facilities

How can I use the Study Rooms?

The study rooms provide a comfortable working environment, where students can work alone or in groups to complete their projects and assignments. 

Study Rooms do not require reservation or booking. However the Project Room can be reserved by a group of students or an individual who wishes to work on a presentation. Since the use of Project Room is monitored, advanced reservation is always required. Reservations can be made in person by approaching the Library Services Desk. Telephone and email reservations are also accepted. According to policy the Project Room can be reserved up to 3 hours a day.


How can I use a locker?

The ILC holds lockers for those who wish to keep their personal belongings safe whilst in the Leontos Sofou building, including books they have issued from the library. Lockers are assigned free of charge to current CITY College students and staff and are intended for daily use. Locker keys are available at the Library Services Desk. You will need your Student ID card to obtain a locker key and to sign the Locker’s Reservation logbook upon receipt and return of locker key.


How can I use the photocopy machine?

If you are using the photocopy machine for the first time ask the ILC staff for help. Please note that there is a charge of (0.3 cents per page) for photocopying.


How can I print?

At the beginning of the academic year, each student is allocated with a number of printing units free of charge. When these units finish, you can then approach the Library Services Desk and buy more units. Black & white, as well as, color printers are available for student use in the ILC.




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