College Executive Board - CITY College, University of York Europe Campus
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece

CITY College Executive Board

Duties of the College Executive Board (CEB)

The College Executive Board is the senior leadership team of the College. The CEB is an advisory board to the College Administration Board and meets twice a year. The board is responsible to:

  • Provide steer and leadership on the academic and strategic direction of the College.
  • Understand and interpret the strategic environment affecting the institution and higher education to inform decision making
  • Develop, formulate and deliver the strategic and operational plans of the College
  • Introduce and agree on core and key policies and procedures
  • Monitor and review the performance of the College Strategy and the academic and operational performance
  • Ensure the academic development of the College with respect to education and research
  • Develop and support staff in realizing their career aspirations and the wider education and research mission of the College
  • Protect and promote the interests of students
  • Work closely with senior academic and professional service leaders to understand activity across the institution and ensure strategy is in line with requirements
  • Engage and seek to influence the external environment in which the College operates



President and Principal (Chair)

Mr Yannis Ververidis

New Developments, Marketing and Recruitment

Dr Megaklis Petmezas

Research and Innovation 
Computer Science Department, SEERC

Prof. Panayiotis Ketikidis

Business Administration and Economics Department, Psychology Department, Humanities Department

Prof. Petros Kefalas

Deputy Vice-President for Teaching, Learning and Students

Ms Anna Sotiriadou

Deputy Vice-President for External Engagement and Partnerships

Dr Nikos Tsorakidis

Head of Computer Science Department

Dr Ioanna Stamatopoulou

Head of Business Administration and Economics Department

Ms Aggeliki Papakonstantinou

Head of Psychology Department

Dr Suzie Savvidou

Head of Humanities Department

Dr Zoi Tatsioka

Director of Executive Development Institute (EDI)

Mr George Efstathiadis

Director of SEERC

Mr Nikos Zaharis

Head of Public Engagement & Corporate Services

Ms Ioanna Kapnopoulou

Head of Academic Services

Mr Evangelos Ergen

Head of International Relations

Mr Tom Rhodes

A member of the University of York Executive Board as a permanent observer


Academic Registrar (Secretary)

Ms Lena Gassi


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