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Peer Support Scheme: Student-led support on stress-related issues

Peer Support Scheme: Student-led support on stress-related issues

In search for more ways to provide support for academic and personal worries to our students, the Department of Student Services and Alumni with the support of the Psychology Department has introduced the programme ‘Peer Support on stress-related issues’.

This service allows students, to discuss informally and in strict confidence stress related issues, while in college with peer support students.

Peer support students, who are supervised by counsellors from our Psychology Department, offer one-to-one support, listen, understand and assist fellow students to find new ways to cope with the stress of college life. All students of all programmes and years of study can contact a peer supporter.

The ‘Peer support’ scheme is another innovative initiative of CITY College in line with its goal to offer quality service to its students and help them in any possible way.



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