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Student Life

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CITY College is an exciting place for your study abroad studies! Student life goes far beyond classrooms, essays and exams. There’s so much to do. Student clubs and societies, parties, excursions and numerous events enrich the overall student experience.


An International student community

CITY College offers a thriving international environment with a mixture of students from different cultures. The international student community represents 50% of the overall student population. Students live, study and socialise together which forms a solid basis for long-term friendships, cooperation and networking. Our international student community is becoming more and more diverse and multi-cultural every year, enriching this way students’ educational experience.


Student clubs

Through a diverse selection of club activities we offer our students the opportunity to acquire new skills, improve existing ones and become more knowledgeable in a particular area of interest.

These student organisations are run exclusively by the students with the guidance and support of an advisor from CITY College. All activities are coordinated through the Department of Student Services and Alumni. Students can create new clubs if the existing ones do not cover a particular hobby or interest of theirs.

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CITY’s Student Union (CSU)

Get involved in
CITY’ Student Union
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CITY’s Student Union (CSU) is an elected five-member-student representative committee responsible for initiatives, decisions and arrangements for the various activities the students wish to organise. The President in collaboration with the Union Officers has the authority to organise excursions, trips, tournaments and society meetings that take place during the academic year.

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Student parties are a good opportunity for some fun and are not to be missed! Throughout each academic many successful parties take place either in our premises or in popular clubs and bars of Thessaloniki. Greek bouzoukia, live bands, beach parties, Balkan music, clubbing: students, faculty and staff enjoy ‘groovy’ nights, no matter what kind of music is on offer.



Thessaloniki is beautiful indeed, but is also surrounded by other beautiful places that one should visit during his/her studies with us. We organises many excursions to Greek islands, skiing resorts and other interesting places in Greece where students can get the feel of the Greek province and escape from the city for a while.

Places to visit around Thessaloniki


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