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Tuition Fees

Early-bird Registration

We encourage you to take advantage of our Early-bird registration scheme (-15%) to save on tuition fees and secure your spot. Deadline for early-bird registrations: 31 July 2022.
For more information, please send us an email at acadreg@york.citycollege.eu.

Candidates interested in commencing their studies at CITY College, University of York Europe Campus, may submit their application for admission in one of the following undergraduate or postgraduate programmes (Bachelors, Masters).

Discover our new programmes


Undergraduate programmes (Bachelors)

3 years (in English) or 3 years (1 in Greek and 2 in English)

3-year Bachelors programmes in English

Full list of 3-year Bachelors programmes


3-year Bachelors programmes (for Greek or Greek-speaking applicants only)
Greek or Greek-speaking applicants may choose to attend the 3-year Bachelors programme (1 year in Greek and 2 years in English).
More about the 3-year Bachelors programme (in Greek/English)



Postgraduate programmes (Masters)

Full-time or part-time study in English

Full list of Masters programmes



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