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Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece

Need a quiet place to study during the Exam Period? Come to the Library.

Exam Period. The Library is here to support you!

The Library wishes all students the best of luck with their exams.  Here is some useful information about the library at exam time.

Considering the increased library use this specific time and in order to ensure a proper study atmosphere and maintain study areas and rooms in the best possible shape, the following policies apply during Exam period.


Library & Computer Lab Policies

  • The Silent Study Room (6th floor) will be open from 09:00-22:00, Monday to Friday as an extra Reading Room for students who wish to study further to library opening hours.
  • The Computer Labs (ETHRA Lab on 5th floor and THALIS Lab on the 7th floor) to facilitate student needs to work on PCs or print, will remain open from 09:00-21:30, Monday to Friday.
  • Do not sit at a space with a computer without using it. Another student probably needs it.
  • Be considerate to your fellow students during the revision and exam period and keep noise to a minimum in The Quiet Study Room and maintain silence in The Silent Study Room.
  • If you need a space for conversation and collaboration, please use The Group Study Room or The Project Room.
  • Check the Library Catalogue (OpenABEKT) to find out if a certain textbook is available in electronic format and request permission to download.


General Policies

  • Wearing a Face Mask is mandatory for all students and staff in all indoor College premises, including the Library.
  • Do not leave your belongings in Study Rooms or Reading Tables to reserve a study space. Store your items in the dedicated lockers.
  • Leave study seats behind tidy for following users.
  • Mobile telephones should be set to silent mode while in the Library.


Prioritized access for CITY College students

The Library, Study & Reading spaces and rooms are prioritized for CITY College students during revision and exam period. External visitors can use the facilities upon permission of the Library Staff and provided there are is free space.


Study effectively

As this period you will be spending longer hours studying in the library, it is very important that you eat healthy, drink water and remember to take breaks during the day to relax.


LIBRARY HOURS during Exam Period

Monday to Friday

10:00 – 21:00

Saturday 09:00 – 14:00


Stay safe!


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