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Summer School - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Will the summer school be offered online should it need to be cancelled due to COVID-19 implications?

The programme is delivered in the form of lectures and workshops giving participants direct hands-on experience ‘on the ground’ through participation in volunteering activities with an NGO. The need for physical presence is therefore very important and it cannot be offered online without missing an integral part of its identity and scope.


  1. Will l get a refund if the summer school is cancelled due to COVID-19 governmental restrictions in Greece?

Yes, you will be fully refunded (excluding any fees imposed by the bank).


  1. Will l get a refund if l cannot attend the summer school for other reasons such as travel restrictions imposed by my country, illness, change of mind etc?

No, you will not be refunded. There are a limited number of places for the summer school and your place will be reserved for you.


  1. Where can l get information and COVID-19 related protocols for travel to Greece?

You can find all relevant information at travel.gov.gr, the official website of Greece on this matter.


  1. Do l need to have a PCR or a rapid-test when travelling to Greece?

All related and updated information on vaccination, PCR/ rapid tests can be found at travel.gov.gr.


  1. What will happen if l get ill from COVID-19 during the summer school?

You will need to follow the current governmental protocols implemented for when the summer school takes place.

If the protocols are similar to the ones that are effective now, you will not be able to attend the summer school and you will need to isolate yourself for 5 days or until you get well and have no symptoms.


  1. Do l need to get a travel insurance for COVID-19?

Yes, you should get travel insurance that covers COVID-19 before coming to Greece. In addition, if you are a citizen of an EU country, you are advised to get the European Health Insurance Card.


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