Ms Anna Sotiriadou
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece
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Ms Anna Sotiriadou

Deputy Vice-President for Teaching, Learning and Students
Associate Professor

Academic Position

Associate Professor


Deputy Vice-President for Teaching, Learning and Students

Academic Qualifications

MSc Education, University of Rochester, USA

MA in Statistics, University of Rochester, USA
BSc in Mathematics, Aristotle University, Greece

Office L. Sofou Building, 5th floor
Telephone 2310 536544, 528450 (ext. 106)
Skype anna.sotiriadou

Anna Sotiriadou is the Deputy Vice-President for Teaching, Learning and Students at City College and Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department. She is a member of the Teaching & Learning Technologies research group. She is a member of the organising and scientific committees in a number of scientific conferences, she has published in various conferences and edited books. She is a member of BCS.

Research Interests

Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Formal Methods in Software Engineering. Member of the Educational Informatics (EDIT) research group in the Department.



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