Dr Eirini Kelmali
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece
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Dr Eirini Kelmali

Part-time Lecturer

Academic Position

Part-time Lecturer

Academic Qualifications
PhD in Linguistics (Phonetics) (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
MSc: Speech and Language Processing (University of Edinburgh)
BA: English Language and Literature (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
DELTA Module 1: Understanding Language, Methodology, and Resources for Teaching
DELTA Module 2: Delta Module 2: Developing Professional Practice
DELTA Module 3: Marketing Management of Teaching Organisations
Office 3 Leodos Sofou Str., 5th Floor
Office Hours

Monday 13.30-14.30

Telephone 2310 528450
Email ekelmali@york.citycollege.eu
Skype eirini.kelmali

Dr Eirini Kelmali holds a PhD in Linguistics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She holds an MSc in Speech and Language Processing from the University of Edinburgh and a BA in English Language and Literature. Her main research interests are in the areas of phonetics, speech processing and computational linguistics.


Introduction to the Study of Language 

IT and Academic Skills



Phonetics and Phonology

Discourse Analysis 

Research Interests


Computational Linguistics

Speech Processing


International Conference on Greek Linguistics (ICGL 13): Acoustic characteristics of Greek fricatives: A comparison between adult and child speech.
Proceedings of the 18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences: SpeakGreek: Developing an online biofeedback speech training tool.
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