Dr Efi Gavriil
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece
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Dr Efi Gavriil


Academic Position


Academic Qualifications

2020: PhD in Communication & Media, University of Macedonia. 

2014: MA in Theoretical & Applied Linguistics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. 

2012: BA in Linguistics, University of Athens. 

Email egavriil@york.citycollege.eu

Efthymia-Souzana Gavriil holds a PhD in Communication and Tourism Media (H.F.R.I. scholar) from University of Macedonia. She has also obtained her Master’s Degree in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Since 2013 she works as a medical interpreter and a certified translator (projects/collaborations with European Commission, Greek National Tourism Organisation, IKEA Greece, Nielsen Hellas, and University of Athens). She is collaborating as an editor with several publishers in Greece and abroad (Kyriakidis Publications S.A, Edizioni Universum and more). Her research interests include Advertising translation, (Medical) Interpreting, Tourism Multimedia and Communication. 


Research Interests

Translation, Interpreting, Communication, Media


2020: Gavriil, E. (2020). Translation difficulties and strategies. The case of third-year students of Linguistics. 6th International Scientific Conference "Communication, information, and education in late modernity", Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, Crete, Greece, 10-12 July 2020


2019: Gavriil, E. Description of a case-study of a child with autism and suggestion of intervention based on the ecosystem approach”, 28th International Conference on Health Education, Social and Pedagogical Medicine, Social Pedagogy, Interculturalism, Counseling and Special Education, 6-7 December 2019, Patras.


2018: Gavriil, E. "City Break: The Case of Thessaloniki". Panhellenic Conference & Workshop «URBAN RESTORATION & DEVELOPMENT: Culture, Tourism & Real Estate», 29/6-1/7/2018, Volos.

2017: Gavriil, E. (2017). “The promotion of religious tourism through GNTO's digital tourist guides. The case of Ionian Islands”.Pan-Hellenic Conference on Digital Culture Heritage, University of Thessaly, Volos, 1-3/12 (in Greek).

2017: Gavriil, E. The identity of the Greek City, through “Conference and Meeting Tourism” Example. The case of National Greek Tourism Organization’s “Conference and Meeting Tourism Brochure”. National Conference on Marketing and Place Branding, Larissa (Greece), 31/3-2/4/2017. 


2017: Gavriil, E. The promotion of Greek Identity through Greek official thematic tourism brochures. A semiotic study. National Conference on Marketing and Place Branding, Larissa (Greece), 31/3-2/4/2017. 


2016: Chaidemenopoulou, G. & Gavriil, E. Four nature’s elements on Baudelaire’s  Révolte. The World Academic Expo, Thessaloniki (Greece), 3-6/11/2016.


2016: Gavriil, Ε. The promotion of Greek Gastronomy Tourism by the Official Greek Tourism Organization (EOT). A socio-semiotic approach. Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence, University of Athens. (in Greek) http://www.jmc.uoa.gr/fileadmin/jmc.pspa.uoa.gr/uploads/PDFs/20160914_gavriil.pdf


2016: Gavriil, E., Skandali, M. & Temponera, E. Alternative Types of Tourism: The cases of Educational, Cultural and Religious Tourism. Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence,University of Athens. (in Greek) http://www.jmc.uoa.gr/fileadmin/jmc.pspa.uoa.gr/uploads/PDFs/20160912_Gavriil_Skandali_Temponera.pdf


2016: Gavriil, E. & Chaidemenopoulou, G. The City Break. An example of urban tourism’s promotion in Greece, Creative and Cultural Economy: Spatial Development Policies, Thessaloniki (Greece), 11/12/2015 - 12/12/2015. (in Greek)


2016: Tymviou, M., Gavriil, E. & Chaidemenopoulou, G. Fascism is cured by reading, and racism is cured by traveling. Miguel de Unamuno, 1864 – 1936. International Conference: Evaluation in Education, Alexandroupoli (Greece), 8-10/4- 2016. (in Greek)

2015: Gavriil, E. & Chaidemenopoulou, G. (2005). “The Deep Sea” by Miltos Sachtouris. Analysis based on the criticism of the imaginary of Gaston Bachelard, 8th Athens Postgraduate Conference, Department of Philology, Athens, 8-11 July 2015.

2015: Chaidemenopoulou, G & Gavriil, E. (2015) The translated comic as an instrument of culture spreading in museums. Translation problems from Greek into Italian, 5th Meeting of Greek Translators, Thessaloniki, 21, 22 and 23 May 2015.

2014: Gavriil, E. & Christodoulou, A. (2014). Religion in Tourism. The case of religiosity in the official tourist brochure of Greek Tourism, 12th World Congress of Semiotics, Sofia 2014, 16-20 September, New Bulgarian University.

2013: Avraamidis, Ch., Vagelas, O., Gavriil, E., Dima, Th., Papadopoulos, E., Siamitra, M. & Postanzoglou, V. (2013). The child song “A small boat…” A Comparative analysis of its versions into five European languages. 4th Meeting of Greek Translators, Thessaloniki, 23-25 May 2013 (in Greek).




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