Community Counselling Centre
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece
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Community Counselling Centre

Community Counselling Centre
Community Counselling Centre

Aiming at putting the science of Psychology at the service of the community the Psychology Department runs a Community Counselling Centre with the mission to provide psychological services to the community surrounding CITY College.
The Counselling Centre is located at our main campus in Thessaloniki is open to the public and is equipped with all the necessary tools, which partially help the counsellors to provide appropriate counselling and supervision as set by the professional standards of the relevant professional bodies.

The centre operates with students attending the MA in Counselling Psychology who have completed the theoretical part of their studies. Each client can have as many sessions as they wish with a symbolic fee (5€) per person/ per session. All information obtained from clients is treated as confidential.

Our Community Counselling Centre makes counseling accessible to everyone. Everyone who needs help to explore personal can contact the Centre and get support.  

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