Board of Directors - CITY College, University of York Europe Campus
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece

Board of Directors

The duties of the Board of Directors is to:

  • Approve the strategic vision, the long-term academic plan and the business plans of the College
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance and effectiveness of the College against the plans 
  • Appoint and evaluate the senior executive of the College
  • Be the employment authority for all staff in the College
  • Provide proper financial oversight and ensure the College has adequate recourses to fulfil its goals and that proper accounts are kept, to compose and draw up the annual budget and financial statements, and to have overall responsibility for the College’s’ assets, property and estate
  • Hire external auditors
  • Protect the shareholder – partners’ investment and respond appropriately to shareholder – partners’ concerns 
  • Execute dividend policies
  • Ensure legal compliance and ethical integrity and to ensure that systems are in place for meeting all the College’s legal obligations, including those arising from contracts and other legal commitments made in the College’s name
  • Represent the College before state authorities, private contractors, financial institutions, the Courts and in out-of-courts settlements
  • Enhance the College’s public standing
  • Ensure that any endowment, legacy, gift or bequest made to the College is used to support its work
  • Delegate authority to members of the administrative staff to sign legal documents on behalf of the College
  • Receive assurance that adequate provision has been made for the general welfare of students
  • Strengthen the College’s programmes and services


Membership of the Board of Directors:

George Stratigakis Founder and Chairman of the Board
Yiannis Ververidis President and Principal of the College 
Foteini Stratigaki Founder and Member of the Board


Accreditation and Recognition by:
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