Society and Industry - CITY College, University of York Europe Campus
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece

Society and Industry

Helping people with neurological and mental illnesses

We want to apply neuroscience research using low-cost devices to develop affordable, scalable and easy-to-implement diagnostic and therapeutical methods. Some examples are the use of biosignals to produce classification methods, and of neurofeedback to treat mental health problems, and Socially Assistive Robots for children with Autism Spectrum


Provide evidence-based knowledge and solutions to businesses, developing together innovative applications

We want to provide businesses with scientific-based information on consumer’s behaviour, marketing products and services. 


Making an impact in the society, reaching out to policy makers

Our mission is to educate and inform stakeholders and the wider society by drawing policy-making implications, and translating and communicating the research outputs in a form that can be readily understood by health professionals, educators and policy makers.


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